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Monday, December 19, 2005

Democrats: Get Your Act Together

A joke poll from the Ironic Times:

Despite polling which shows two-thirds of Iraqis want us to leave and a solid majority of Americans believe the war was a mistake, the President intentionally misled them, has no exit strategy and no plan for victory, and that we should begin withdrawing our troops, Democratic politicians are still waiting for which sign that it's safe to advocate bringing our troops back home?
A )An armed revolution on the streets of all major U.S. cities.
B )The arrest and trial of top Administration officials by the International Criminal Court.
C )A coordinated attack on our troops by the insurgents and the Iraqi Security Forces.
D )An armada of UFOs from Mars simultaneously blasting the message, "GET OUT!" from loudspeakers.
Hint: Most Democrats are big fans of "Star Trek."

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