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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bush : "I look at the newspaper"

In a pathetic attempt to dispel myths that he is intellectually lazy, President Bush claimed yesterday that "Every morning I look at the newspaper...I can't say I've read every single article in the newspaper. But, I definitely know what's in the news." "I'm very aware of what's in the news. I'm aware because I see clips. I see summaries."

The leader of the free world believes that he is fully informed because he "looks" at the newspaper and because he's seen news clips and seen summaries. As anyone can tell you, "reading" involves more than "seeing." Although that could just be use of Texas slang, Bush seems to be indicating that he believes he is informed because he glances at the news every now and then.

"I feel like I'm getting really good advice from very capable people, and that people from all walks of life have informed me and informed those who advise me.

First, if George Bush thinks he's getting good advice, I'd hate to see what bad advice is. After all, President Bush has been in office during a horrible economic downturn, a war of choice that has crippled our economy and destroyed our international reputation, not to mention his "advisors" who told him to ignore the threats of 9-11 and go on vacation instead.

Second, if George Bush thinks that "people from all walks of life" inform him, he's nuts. Bush has no connection, whatsoever, to the poor. He surrounds himself with yes-men of different flavors -- religious conservatives, tax cut conservatives, racist conservatives -- but that doesn't equate with "people from all walks of life."

This man has no business running a small business, let alone the greatest country on Earth. Shame on anyone who voted for this stunning example of incompetence.

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