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Monday, December 12, 2005


Greeting avid readers, I am back for good. Finals went well and with some careful planning, I will never need to stop blogging again.

You will notice some changes to the site. The look is new and hopefully is more reader friendly. The left sidebar is composed of links; the right sidebar is mostly my original content. The "News" section contains headlines that I have chosen because I feel they are of some importance. There are two new archive sections for the two new regular features: Corporate Tool and 5 Ways to Fight Corporate Evil.

I will post more often, but most of the time I'll be more brief than I have been in the past. Sometimes, it's breadth not depth.

War on Corporate Evil's Mantra remains the same: The Republican party exists only to further the interests of massive corporations at the expense of the common man, the free market and the environment. However, expect more potshots at Democrats who have sold out our party and the people.

One final thing: some of the old posts aren't displaying correctly on screens with lower resolutions. I'm trying to go back and fix the archives, but for now, sorry.

Let me know how you like the site's new look by posting a Comment here.

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