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Monday, August 22, 2005

The People Disapprove.

We need to keep in mind that although things seem rough right now, there is hope for change. Despite the Republican domination of all three branches of government, the corporate media and big business, we do not live in a one party country. George W. Bush's approval rating has fallen to a horrific 36% according to a new American Research Group poll.

At this point in their second terms, Clinton was at 61% and Reagan was at 57%. Of course, both men won re-election by much more comfortable margins than Bush.

The trend, however, is to increase, not decrease, your support as you enter your second term. The thinking is that without the heat of an election, the President becomes more popular now that the daily opposition is gone. Bush has defied that trend and has far less support now than when he squeaked out a victory over John Kerry last November.

The larger issue of how Bush is serving a second term despite the lack of support both on election day and today remains a bit of a mystery. Did Bush's campaign of fear push swing voters to stick with the status quo? Or was there really something to the exit polls that indicated John Kerry winning the election? I'll reexamine the 2004 election at some point in the future. For today, we need to remember that we can win the war of ideas because the American people are on our side.

Tomorrow: The Case Against John Roberts, Part III

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