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Friday, August 19, 2005

Happy Birthday President Clinton.

Today, William Jefferson Clinton turns 59. It is hard to believe that he was President just 5 years ago in light of how much has changed. We went from unprecedented peace and propserty to unending war and poverty. The government shrank during Clinton's Presidency just to explode in size under Bush. We went from an era where the Corporate Media wouldn't let the President get away with telling a lie about private sexual relations into an era where the Corporate Media won't even ask questions about the President's lies about the rationale for war. Clinton was pro-business, make no mistake, but he also understood the importance of keeping corporations honest. Clinton appointed honest officials to oversee federal agencies; Bush appoints members of industry to regulate themselves.

In short, it's been 5 years since we had a real President. Today President Clinton devotes his energy to one issue: helping stop the spread of HIV and AIDS across the world, particularly in Africa. Bush will probably work for war profiteers like the Carlyle Group when he retires -- just like his father does now.

President Clinton is an American hero who makes me believe that great people will be enough to save this country from the corporate interests attempting to destroy it.

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