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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

1,841 dead American soldiers. 1, 702 of them died after President Bush declared "Mission Impossible". Some of them were parents who leave behind children like the charming little boy in the picture.

Lying to start a war is more than an impeachable offense. It is treason of the first degree. It is blatantly immoral.

Reported civilian deaths are between 23, 456 and 26,559, depending on whose statistics you use. The government could make this easy and count dead civilians, as they have done in past wars, but the Corporate Republican party found this practice useless to their narrow interests. Worse yet, these are only reported deaths. Obviously, many more civilians have actually died. A study performed late last year estimated that as many as 100,000 civilians were killed as the result of Bush's war.

Your Christian President is personally responsible for the death of at least 25,000 people. All this to acheive electoral success. Future generations will never understand how after Bush's treasonous lies, we returned him to the White House for another term.

Tomorrow: The Case against John Roberts.

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