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Monday, August 25, 2008

The San Francisco Chronicle speculates that Barack Obama could lose Colorado -- and the presidency -- if Mitt Romney is John McCain's VP. Why? Because 7% of people in Colorado are Mormon. That's like saying Obama will lose everyone who likes McDonalds if John McCain chooses Mayor McCheese as his running mate. The truth of the matter, which conveniently is never mentioned in the Chronicle's article, is that Mormons are overwhelmingly Republican to begin with. Even if there are some Mormons who would have voted Obama if Romney was not the VP nominee, those people have got to be numbered in the single digits.

Oakland is undergoing a terrible crime wave...or is it? Regardless, the media tells us it is, and the takeover robbery problem is real. However, everyone in the media is apparently too stupid to connect the takeover robbery problem with the millions of dollars that are missing from Oakland's finances. Here's a thought: maybe we are having a crime wave because the city is blowing all that crime prevention money on embezzlement?

Finally, thank god that the Olympics have mercifully ended. Watching a grown man run or swim is about the last thing on Earth I'd care to do. Thank god we spent all this money making China seem legitimate instead of using it to help poor people. Good to know our priorities are straight, as always.

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