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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Republican Senator Calls Out President Bush for His Crime

Even Republicans are starting to admit that Bush committed a crime by violating FISA. Here's a snippet regarding Sen. Chuck Hagel:

"Every president, that we know of, has complied with the law (FISA)," Hagel said. "No president is above the law. We are a nation of laws and no president, majority leader, or chief justice of the Supreme Court can unilaterally or arbitrarily avoid a law or dismiss a law. If the vice president holds a different point of view, then he holds a different point of view."

Based on the facts that are out there concerning whether domestic spying abuses were taking place, Hagel said, there was a "breakdown."

"I take an oath of office to the Constitution," he said. "I don't take an oath of office to the vice president, a president or a political party. My obligation and responsibility are to the people I represent and the country I serve. I do what I think is right for the people I represent and the country I serve." [...]

Hagel, referring to President Ronald Reagan, said people trusted him because he was not a "vitriolic person or one to impugn the motives of people who disagreed with him."

"Never did he do that," Hagel said. "There is no place for that in politics because it debases our system and our process. You can agree or disagree with your leaders and say whatever you like about your elected leaders and throw them out, but I do draw the line on the vilification and impugning of motives because someone disagrees with you."

Impeachment is the only way to deal with Presidential law breaking according to the standard set up by the Republicans' unlawful impeachment of President Clinton. This should be the #1 news story every day and the War on Corporate Evil will not relent until Bush is either out of office or behind bars. Criminals have no place in the White House.

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