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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Harriet Miers: Completely Incompetent

What's the proof that our media has been taken over by corrupt corporatists? The news regarding the announcement of the new appointee to the Supreme Court, right wing hack and Bush crony Harriet Miers.

Miers has never been a judge. Her qualifications include heading the Texas State Lottery Commission. Clearly, the big story is that Bush appointed an unqualified buddy of his. The news, however, has focused on the absurd: Republicans are fearful that Miers won't be conservative enough. Excuse me, but give me a friggin' break. Karl Rove is one of the smartest political masterminds in history. Bush and Rove are close friends of Miers. Can anyone honestly say, with a straight face, that Miers won't be farther right than anyone besides Pat Robertson? Bush promised as much: "I know her. I know her heart." Translation: Harriet will sit next to Clarence Thomas and copy off Scalia. And Bush has already planned to stonewall the Senate:

He signaled that the White House would not turn over Miers' paperwork from the counsel's office, predicting that Democrats would call for the documents to distract Americans from what he said is the salient point: "whether or not she will be a good judge.'"

In addition to just not having the qualifications, Miers is completely incompetent. The proof comes from a little Presidential Daily Brief from August 2001 that we've heard of before that entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.". As you may recall, Condi Rice faced a lot of flack during his confirmation as Secretary of State over this memo. Bush, after reading the memo that suggested America was about to be attacked, decided to take a month long vacation. But today it's been revealed that the person reading the memo to Bush was none other than Harriet Miers. Since this was obviously embarrasing, the corporate media decided to cover the story up for Bush: none of the major outlets reported it this morning, however many papers used the actual photo of Miers discussing the memo with Bush. The kicker: they deleted the date under the photo so as not to connect Miers with Bush's most famous moment of incompetence.

I plan to keep blogging about Miers because her record is a complete disaster. John Roberts will use his brainpower to manipulate the Constitution into something he prefers; Harriet Miers, on the other hand, is incompetent and potentially a criminal.

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