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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Revealed as Propaganda

Columnist David Brooks reveals that Bush administration officials "decided that our public relations is not going to be honest."

On the September 11th edition of "The Chris Matthews Show," New York Times columnist made a stunning admission: "From Day One," the Bush White House "decided our public relations is not going to be honest," and that "privately they admit mistakes all the time." Brooks further claimed that he debated this policy with administration officials.

The impact of this news is clear: Bush's public relations team really serve as propagandists. It is one thing to spin things in favor of your man -- that's public relations. It's quite another thing to boldly lie to deflect the truth. Of course, myself and most other thinking people already knew that Bush serves up propaganda like Joseph Gobbels. To announce such a strategy to a columnist at the nation's #1 newspaper serves as an amazing display of hubris.

MediaMatters discusses how, considering Brooks' knowledge of the Bush team as propagandists, Brooks' failed to make analytical connections between the Bush team's goal and message. After Hurricane Katrina, Bush administration officials immediately went on television to attack local and state officials.

Recently, the Washington Post mentioned a "fact" in an article -- that the governor of Louisiana had not declared a state of emergency as of Sunday, September 3. A senior Bush official was cited as the source, quite unusual considering that "facts" do not come from administration officials but are rather handled by the fact-checking department. The truth, as a simple Google search would have revealed, was that the governor of Louisiana had declared a state of emergency on August 26. Clearly, the Bush team's lie was designed to play "the blame game" and pass it on to someone else.

The Republican Party actively engages in deceit and propaganda. The media's failure to connect these simple dots sends a clear message to those who still believe that the corporate media actually does a quality, objective job: They don't.

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