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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Obama is a Creeper

Let me get this straight.  Obama is cool with an all-powerful computer program that essentially tracks everything we do online, erasing any sort of privacy we thought we might have had.  Big Brother knows everything we look at, what we write about, what we look like, what we eat, and everything else there is to fucking know.

But hey, it's all cool, because it's "helped with some terrorism arrests."  No more details, and certainly no word of convictions.

Guess what:  I don't give a fuck if it helped arrest 1000 terrorists who wanted to destroy me personally, I'd rather risk it than have PRISM.

I live in America, bold and underlined bitches, the US of A, the land of the free, the home of the brave.  These colors don't run, that sort of shit.  We have a god damn constitutional amendment protecting guns just to say "hey, fuck you."  We aren't the home of a bunch of wussie cowards who are so damn afraid of some real or imagined Boogeyman that we will gladly give up everything we've spent 200 years to work for. 

So now we are just like China, except without money.  Get ready for  the mobile death vans, I suppose.

On the positive side, Obama sure is good a giving a heartwarming speech full of lies.  Behind the mask, he's just another George W.  Remember when you said you were for medical marijuana, for example?  You were full of shit, as always.

It's sad because it means our country is almost certainly doomed.  It's one thing with Bush does warrantless wiretapping; he's a shitbag Rethuglican who never pretended to give a flying fuck about our rights.  It's another thing with Obama, the great liberal hope, the former Constitutional Law professor, says "yeah, we have terrorism now, so your privacy can go fuck itself."

There's more to this story, so let's keep talking.  We know the government's listening, which is pretty cool, because it ensures me at least a couple page views.